23 de septiembre de 2007

Los plugins de Pro Tools

Product Manufacturer Description
360° Surround Tools Bundle Waves Larger Than Life
AAS Modeling Collection Applied Acoustics Systems Professional Virtual Instruments Based on Physical Modeling
Acoustic Legends HD & VI One Vir2 Instruments Acoustic Guitar Collection and Complete Virtual Instrument
Addictive Drums XLN Audio Complete Drum Production Studio
AirEQ Eiosis Mix Eyes Closed
All Filters Plug-in Pack Ohm Force A Revolutionary Way of Playing an Instrument
All FX Plug-in Pack Ohm Force Creative Effects Pack
Altiverb 6 Audio Ease Extending the Lead in Convolution Reverb
Amp Farm 3.0 Line 6 Industry-standard Guitar Amp-modeling Effects Plug-in from Line 6
Ampeg SVX IK Multimedia The First Bass Amp and Effects Plug-in
AmpliTube 2 IK Multimedia Super Modeling Guitar Amp and Effects Plug-in
Analog Channel McDSP The Analog Experience
Analog Factory Arturia One Intuitive Softsynth, 2000 Legendary Sounds
Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Pro Bundle Aphex Improving the Way the World Sounds/Bass Enhancing Plug-In for Pro Tools
ARL Sound Stage Audio Research Labs Essential Tools for Multichannel Audio
ARP 2600 V Arturia Experience One of the Finest Synthesizers Ever Made
Atmosphere Spectrasonics Dream Synth Module for Pro Tools
Authorized Steinway Model D Garritan Orchestral Libraries Steinway & Sons and Garritan Collaborate on Virtual Model D Piano
Auto-Tune 5 Antares Audio Technologies The Worldwide Standard in Professional Pitch Correction
AVOX Antares Vocal Toolkit Antares Audio Technologies Now You Can Sound Like All the Voices in Your Head
AVOX AT Antares Audio Technologies Antares Vocal Toolkit with Auto-Tune 5
BF Essentials Digidesign/Bomb Factory A Suite of Time-saving, Trouble-solving Studio Tools
Bomb Factory BF-3A Digidesign/Bomb Factory Classic Compressor
BRASS Arturia Go Beyond Sampling
Broadcast and Production Bundle Waves Take It to the Airwaves
Bruno/Reso Digidesign Cross-Synthesis Plug-in Duo
bx_digital Brainworx Music & Media Professional DAW-Mastering with Sophisticated Control Listening Features and M/S-Mode
CEDAR Tools CEDAR Audio The World’s Best Audio Restoration Plug-ins
Centrifuze Synaptricity Synchronized Classic Effects Hybrids and Transitions
Channel G McDSP The Ultimate Console
ChannelStrip Metric Halo The Finest Digital EQ, Gate, and Compressor in One Super-Efficient Plug-in
Chrome Tone McDSP Guitar Amp Modeling and Effects
Classic Compressors Bundle Digidesign/Bomb Factory Bomb Factory BF-2A and Purple Audio MC77
Classic Pack McDSP Mix In The Box
Classik Studio Reverb IK Multimedia A Suite of Four High-Quality Digital Reverbs
CompressorBank McDSP The Complete Compressor
Cosmonaut Voice Digidesign/Bomb Factory Special Effects Plug-in
CS-80V Arturia The Weight of the Sound Without the Weight of the Machine
D-Fi Digidesign Analog and Retro Processing in the Digital Domain
D-fx Legacy Digidesign AudioSuite Plug-in Package for Avid Systems: Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Multi-Tap Delay, and Ping-Pong Delay
D-Verb Digidesign Reverb/Ambience Plug-in
Detailer Roger Nichols Digital It’s All in the Details
dfh EZdrummer Toontrack Music The Next Generation Drum Sampler
dfh Superior Toontrack Music Your Professional Virtual Drummer
dfh SUPERIOR Custom & Vintage Toontrack Music Your Professional Virtual Drummer
Diamond Bundle Waves Shine Brighter
DINR Digidesign Digidesign Intelligent Noise Reduction Plug-in
DINR LE Digidesign Digidesign Intelligent Noise Reduction Plug-in — LE Version
Dolby Surround Tools Dolby Laboratories Surround Encoding/Decoding TDM Plug-ins
DPP-1 Digidesign Pitch Processor Plug-In for Pro Tools
Drawmer Dynamics Drawmer High Quality, Multi-Band Dynamics for Pro Tools
Drawmer TourBuss Drawmer Dynamics Plug-in Suite for VENUE Systems
Drumagog WaveMachine Labs The Pros’ Secret Drum Weapon
DUY Plug-ins DUY Research Warmth, Precision, and Creativity—DUY Is the Secret
DV Toolkit 2 Digidesign Post production software expansion option for Pro Tools LE systems.
DVR2 TC Electronic Powerful Reverb Ported from System 6000
Dynamics III Digidesign Professional Dynamics Plug-in Suite for Digidesign and Avid Systems
Echo Farm Line 6 Vintage Echo Plug-in for Pro Tools
EchoBoy SoundToys The Ultimate Echo Machine
ELS Vocoder Eiosis Powerful and Easy-To-Use Vocoder
Emerald Pack McDSP The McDSP Everything Bundle
EMI TG12413 Limiter Chandler Limited Model of the Classic EMI Console Compressor Used on Beatles and Pink Floyd Sessions
EQ III Digidesign Free DigiRack EQ Plug-in
Ethno Instrument MOTU World/Ethnic RTAS Instrument for Pro Tools
Eventide Anthology II Bundle Eventide The Complete Collection of Eventide Plug-ins
EZX Toontrack Music Expansion Packs for EZdrummer
Fairchild 660 and 670 Bundle Digidesign/Bomb Factory Tube Limiter Emulation Plug-ins
FilterBank McDSP Every EQ Ever Made
Flashback Synaptricity A New Way to Record: It’s About Time
Focusrite d2/d3 Focusrite High-quality, Multi-band EQ and Compressor/Limiter Plug-in Bundle
Forte Suite Focusrite Channel Strip Plug-in for Pro Tools
Free Bomb Factory Plug-ins Digidesign/Bomb Factory Full-featured Bomb Factory Studio Essentials
Gold Bundle Waves Get the Midas Touch
Goliath — Structure Edition EastWest The ultimate professional sound library for Structure
GRM Tools Classic INA - GRM Eight Plug-ins for Creative Sound Design with Pro Tools
GRM Tools ST INA - GRM Four Plug-ins for Sound Processing with Pro Tools
GTR Guitar Tool Rack Waves Sound Matters
Harmony4 TC-Helicon Finally, Unsurpassed Vocal Harmony in a Plug-in
Hybrid Digidesign High-Definition Synthesizer
IK Total Bundle Series IK Multimedia Comprehensive Collection of Virtual Instruments and Effects
Impact Digidesign Console-Style Mix Bus Compression
impOSCar GForce/GMEDIA Music Virtual Vintage Analog Synthesizer
Italian Grand Synthogy Expansion Pack for Ivory Grand Pianos
Ivory Synthogy Three Glorious Grands in One Powerful Sample-Based Virtual Instrument
iZotope iDrum iZotope The Software Drum Machine
iZotope Ozone iZotope Complete System of 64 Bit Analog Modeled Mastering Effects
iZotope Spectron iZotope Creative Sound Design in the Spectral Domain
iZotope Trash iZotope 64 Bit Distortion, Amplifier, Delay and Filter Modeling
JOEMEEK Bundle Digidesign/Bomb Factory SC2 Compressor and VC5 Meequalizer Plug-ins
Jupiter 8V Arturia Let's Take It Back to the Old School
Komplete 4 Native Instruments The Native Instruments Collection
Live Bundle Waves It's Showtime
M-Tron GForce/GMEDIA Music Virtual Vintage Keyboard
MachFive MOTU Universal Surround Sampler Plug-in for Pro Tools
Massenburg DesignWorks Hi-Res Parametric EQ 2.0 Massenburg Design Works High-Resolution Parametric EQ for Pro Tools|HD
Massive Native Instruments The Heavyweight Synthesizer
Master Perfection Suite BIAS Powerful New Plug-in Bundle for Mastering and Sound Design
Master X3 TC Electronic Virtual Incarnation of the TC Electronic Finalizer™
Masters Bundle Waves Get Radio Ready
Maxim Digidesign World-Class Peak Limiting and Sound Level Maximizing Plug-in for Pro Tools
MC2000 McDSP The Complete Multiband Compressor
MD3 Stereo Mastering TC Electronic Mastering Tools from System 6000
Melodyne plugin Celemony Software Tool for Intonation and Timing Editing
Mercury Bundle Waves Rise Above
MetaPlug 2.0 Creative Network Design Audio Archival Solution
Minimonsta:Melohman GForce/GMEDIA Music Virtual Vintage Analog Synthesizer
minimoog V Arturia Technology Meets History
Miroslav Philharmonik IK Multimedia Orchestral and Choir Workstation
ML4000 McDSP The Essential Mastering Solution
Moog Modular V Arturia The Revival of a Legend
Moogerfooger Bundle Digidesign/Bomb Factory Authentic Analog Designs with Bob Moog
Music Production Toolkit Digidesign Music production software expansion option for Pro Tools LE and M-Powered systems.
MX4 MOTU Multi-Synth Plug-in for Pro Tools
Nautilus Bundle Audio Ease Totally Unique and 100 % Wet
Nexsyn KeyToSound A Hybrid Instrument Designed for the Studio and Stage
Neyrinck SoundCode for Dolby Digital Neyrinck Dolby Digital Encoding and Decoding Plug-in Suite for Pro Tools
Neyrinck SoundCode for DTS Neyrinck DTS Encoding and Decoding Plug-in Suite for Pro Tools
Nomad Factory Bundled Software Nomad Factory Leader in Tube Emulation Plug-ins
NonLin2 TC Electronic Powerful Reverb Ported from System 6000
Oddity GForce/GMEDIA Music Virtual Vintage Analog Synthesizer
Orange Vocoder Prosoniq Real-time Vocoder and Software Synthesizer
Oxford Dynamics Sonnox Full Dynamics and Compression From The OXF-R3
Oxford EQ Sonnox The Acclaimed EQ From the OXF-R3
Oxford Inflator Sonnox Increases Loudness & Punch Without Going Over
Oxford Limiter Sonnox Stereo Program Limiter
Oxford Reverb Sonnox Highly Flexible Reverb Generator
Oxford Transient Modulator Sonnox Based on the Transient Processor from the Acclaimed OXF-R3
Phoenix Crane Song An Analog Heart for a Digital Universe
Pitch 'n Time LE Serato Audio Research Professional Quality Pitch Shifting and Time Stretching
Pitch 'n Time Pro Serato Audio Research Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting for Professionals
Platinum Bundle Waves Get Platinum. Go Multi-Platinum.
Power Suite 5 Wave Arts Comprehensive Audio Processing Bundle: Elegant Design, Superior Performance
Pro Bundle Roger Nichols Digital Professional Tools Built for Great Results
Producer Factory Bundle M-Audio Five valuable Digidesign and Bomb Factory plug-ins for Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered systems.
Producer Factory Pro Bundle M-Audio Impressive collection of twelve Digidesign and Bomb Factory plug-ins for Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered systems.
Project Studio McDSP Create, Mix, Master
Prophet V Arturia Two Legendary Synthesizers in One Unique Software Recreation
Pultec Bundle Digidesign/Bomb Factory Analog EQ Simulator Plug-ins
Rane Series Dynamics Serato Audio Research Comprehensive Dynamic Control
Rane Series Graphic EQ Serato Audio Research You’ve Never Had This Much Control
Rane Series Parametric EQ Serato Audio Research The Smoothest EQ
Reel Tape Saturation Digidesign Analog Tape Saturation Effect
Reel Tape Suite Digidesign Analog Tape Emulation Effects
Renaissance Maxx Bundle Waves Analog Warmth. Digital Control.
reNOVAtor Algorithmix High-Resolution Audio Repair Processor
Restoration Bundle Waves Rescue. Revitalize. Refine.
Reverb 2016 Princeton Digital Reverb Made Easy! Sounds Great, Easy to Use: Every Session, Every Project, Every Day
Reverb One Digidesign World-Class Reverb Processing for TDM Systems
ReVibe Digidesign Room Modeling Reverb
Revolver McDSP Flexible Convolution Reverb
SampleTank 2 IK Multimedia The Ultimate Sample Workstation
SansAmp PSA-1 Digidesign/Bomb Factory Tube Amp Simulator Plug-in
SignalTools Digidesign Free DigiRack Plug-ins
Slightly Rude Compressor Digidesign/Bomb Factory Custom Compressor Plug-in
Smack! Digidesign Foolproof Compressor and Limiter Plug-in for Pro Tools TDM Systems
Smack! LE Digidesign Foolproof Compressor and Limiter Plug-in for All Pro Tools Systems
Solera FLUX sound & picture development The Ultimate Dynamics Processor
SOLID SoundFuel Inspiring TDM Synthesizer for Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools|HD Accel Systems
Sonalksis Creative Elements Sonalksis Creative and Intuitive Tools for Endless Tweaking and Experimentation
Sonalksis Essentials Sonalksis Award-Winning Compression, Equalization, and Gating Plug-ins
Sonalksis Multiband Dynamics Sonalksis Precision Sound-Sculpting Audio Processors
Sonic NoNOISE Sonic Solutions Powerful Noise Reduction/Audio Restoration Plug-in Suite
Sonik Synth 2 IK Multimedia Synth Workstation
SoundBlender SoundToys The Ultimate Multi-Effects Plug-in
SoundReplacer Digidesign Drum Hit and Sound Replacement AudioSuite Plug-in
SoundSoap 2 & SoundSoap Pro BIAS Powerful, Intuitive Audio Restoration Solutions
SoundToys Native Effects SoundToys Professional Effects Bundle for Pro Tools LE
SoundToys TDM Effects Bundle SoundToys Professional Effects Rack Bundle for Pro Tools
Source-Connect & Source-Live Source Elements Remote Studio Connections without ISDN Costs
SpeakerPhone Audio Ease Speakers of All Sizes Plus Their Environments
SRS Circle Surround TDM Pro 2.0 SRS Labs Raising the Bar for Surround Tools
SSL 4000 Collection Waves The SSL Sound. In the Box.
Strike Digidesign The Ultimate Virtual Drummer
Structure Digidesign Professional sampler workstation for Pro Tools
Structure Free Digidesign Free sample player for Pro Tools
Structure LE Digidesign Advanced sample player for Pro Tools
Stylus RMX Spectrasonics The Ultimate Real-Time Groove Module
SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II Minnetonka Audio Software Award-Winning Dolby Encoding Software—Now a Plug-in
SurroundScope Digidesign Multichannel Metering Plug-in
Symphonic Instrument MOTU Universal Orchestra Plug-in for Pro Tools
Synchronic Digidesign Comprehensive Beat and Audio Manipulation Tool for Pro Tools
Synthesizer One McDSP Total Sound Synthesis
SynthMaster KV331 Audio “Must Have” Software Synthesizer and Effect Plug-in
T-RackS IK Multimedia Analog-Modeled All-in-One Mastering Suite
Tel-Ray Variable Delay Digidesign/Bomb Factory Space Age Technology In a Can
TG Mastering Pack Chandler Limited Authentic Models of EQ and Presence/Filter Modules from Classic EMI Console
Time Shift Digidesign High-quality time stretching and pitch shifting for all Digidesign® Pro Tools® and Avid DNA ™ systems
TimewARP 2600 Way Out Ware Forward Into the Past!
TL Aggro Digidesign/Trillium Lane Labs Vintage analog FET compression for Pro Tools
TL AutoPan Digidesign/Trillium Lane Labs Analog-Style Stereo and Surround Panning
TL Drum Rehab Digidesign/Trillium Lane Labs Drum Replacement for Pro Tools
TL EveryPhase Digidesign/Trillium Lane Labs Analog Phaser Effects for Pro Tools
TL Space Impulse Response Library Digidesign/Trillium Lane Labs TL Space Impulse Response Library
TL Space — Native Edition Digidesign/Trillium Lane Labs Ultimate Convolution Reverb for Pro Tools
TL Space — TDM Edition Digidesign/Trillium Lane Labs Ultimate Convolution Reverb for Pro Tools
TL Utilities Digidesign/Trillium Lane Labs Professional metering, metronome, and instrument tuning for Pro Tools
Transform Bundle Waves Enhance. Innovate. Evolve.
Trilogy Spectrasonics The World's First Electric, Acoustic and Synth Bass Instrument for Pro Tools
TrooTrace Audio Analysis Bundle Troodon Technologies Stop Guessing. See Your Sound. Ten Must-Have Tools in One Dual-Engine Plug-in.
UnWrap TC Electronic Unsurpassed Stereo to 5.1 Conversion
URS 1975 Classic Compressor URS (Unique Recording Software, Inc.) Digital Recreation of Popular Feed Forward 1975 VCA Compressor
URS A Series URS (Unique Recording Software, Inc.) Classic Console Equalizer ™
URS A10 Series URS (Unique Recording Software, Inc.) Classic Console 10 Band Equalizer
URS Classic Console Compressors URS (Unique Recording Software, Inc.) URS 1970 & 1980 Classic Console Compressor Bundle
URS Classic Console Strips URS (Unique Recording Software, Inc.) Professional Tools for Mixing
URS Everything EQ Bundle URS (Unique Recording Software, Inc.) Classic Console and Program EQs from URS
URS FullTec Program EQ URS (Unique Recording Software, Inc.) Five Band Program Equalizer
URS N Series URS (Unique Recording Software, Inc.) Classic Console Equalizer
URS N12 Series URS (Unique Recording Software, Inc.) Classic Console 12 Band Equalizer
URS S Series URS (Unique Recording Software, Inc.) Classic Console Mix Equalizer
Ursa Major Space Station SST-282 Princeton Digital Space Station Back in Orbit
Velvet Digidesign Velvet Delivers Vintage Electric Pianos to Pro Tools.
VENUE All-Access Pack Digidesign The Essential Effects Collection for VENUE Systems
Vintage Amp Room Softube High-End Guitar Amp Simulator – Built to Last
Virtual Precision Instruments Cube-Tec International Noise Reduction Plug-ins for Pro Tools
Virus Indigo Access Music World-class TDM Synthesizer Plug-in for Pro Tools
VocALign PRO Synchro Arts Maximum Power for Dialogue, Vocal, and Instrument Time-Alignment Tasks
VocALign Project Synchro Arts Instantly Time-Align Vocals, Dialog, or Instruments in Pro Tools
Voce Bundle Digidesign/Bomb Factory Voce Spin and Chorus/Vibrato Plug-ins
VSS3 TC Electronic Powerful Reverb Ported from System 6000
X-Form Digidesign Digidesign X-Form™ represents the pinnacle of time compression/expansion and pitch-shifting technology.
Xpand! Digidesign Sample-Playback/Synthesis Workstation for Pro Tools

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